Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stock Trading - Taboo for Malays Discussion

Everybody wants to achieve every good thing in their life and certainly there are many ways to get to it. But one thing that no one disassociates easily would be money. Out of many things, financial freedom would be one of the utmost things anyone will be looking seriously.

History shows that not every freedom recognised to shed on its own, this is also true to financial freedom. It requires more than one can just give: ones’ life!

This topic which I am comfortably call it as Financial Management has so many things that no one can put a grasp and put a direction in a single projection. It may be difficult at one point as stressing will appear as if it is much bigger that you can plan.

I am pretty much sad, when I talked to friend about their financial management and pathway to financial freedom (or for better retirement day), they are solely pointing to their car and putting expectation that their EPF (Employees Provident Fund) alone will be enough. Or some come to the answer, “I’ll live within my means; later!”

Without a proper plan, I don’t think it would be easy. No, I am not being negative.

Financial planning is about perseverance and timing. It is better to be early than to be late and to see nothing to be reap off. Regrets will never change anything.

Not long, that I am diversified into stock market and trading a number of counters, I see many more potential to double my assets holding in this class. It may not happen today, but it will eventually grows overtime. I had reap price appreciation and also receiving good dividends pay-out.

Aware that my Malay friends are not well exposed to the nature of stock trading, I tried to share useful information on how to track good counters and sharing my experience. Not to boast myself, but to instill an "awaken" for them to look into that class of asset creation that they might want to go and consider for.

Yet, the desire never lasts. One came to me to tell, “Hey, do you see that today’s market went down?” and what is more can I answer other than, “I do and I fact I picked-up some good counters.”

I saw that their interest to learn fade as time goes by and only later when I told them about other benefits I received; dividends or free extra units then they asked me how I did that again.

To me, knowledge is about sharing because there are days someone will share with you something new that you don’t know. But, seeing thing, my efforts to share about stock trading knowledge wore thin. Now I have come to my conclusion, if they want to learn something, they better go out and find themselves and I don’t have to raise about financial management, it doesn’t sounds like Malays!

... to be continued.

H. Shahirasul Idrewoods

PS: This is based on my experience, it supposed not be judge in specific view or be imposed into general subject.

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