Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bored, Let's Try This Riddle

The riddle reads: A 6-foot tall Magician had a water glass and was holding the glass above his head. He let it drop to the carpet without spilling a single drop of water. How could he manage to drop the glass from a height of six feet and not spill a drop of water?
Hint: This is technical riddle which based on grammar understanding.


James Khor said...

You did not say the glass was filled with water, therefore there was no water to spill to start with.

BTW, judging from duit dua'kupang' , am I right to guess that you are a Kedahan? Hang ni orang Kedah?
Aku ni pun orang Kedah juga,tapi dah duduk di U.K. berpuluhpuluh tahun.

Aleph Prime said...

Because of the magician 'started' with no water, thus there's no water to shed or spill. And when you have that particular clue, "you did not say the glass was filled with water," you should be having the answer already. Right?

Yup.. ceq orang kedah naa.. Jangan dok buat loqlaq...

Which part of UK are you residing? Shall be going there, backpacking this coming November. Planned to spend 2 nights in Glasgow and another week in London.