Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fuel Price Reduction - Another 10 Sen

OK. Malaysian can now enjoy another 5% reduction which translate 10 sen from previous price of RM2.00 which perhaps may be a relief since it is another 2 sen lower than the price at the beginning of the year at RM1.92

But as the world's price going down, government may perhaps want to give true "price".

Seeing the price of fuel chopped and slashed many times, from RM2.70 to RM1.90 - about 30% - but we have yet to see consumer prices to go down as well.

The electricity tariff which was increased during the time may now returned to the previous price. The consumer dry and food products supposed now to follow suits.

But, we can only wait - since it is hard and rather difficult to see these prices to go down. Their tendencies to hike never know how to return downward.

So guys, I am cutting another 5% from my monthly budget for fuel and putting the saved to pay other killing debts - how about you?

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